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German Federal election results: Implications for the EU

The inconclusive German election results and the flexible coalition-building framework in Germany mean there can be no meaningful assessment of implications for EU policies and legislation at this stage. That will only follow a coalition agreement, for which there is no time limit. It is not certain that the centre-left SPD will assume the Chancellorship […]

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How the Digital Markets Act (DMA) could impact your business

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) aims to restrict the anti-competitive behaviour of gatekeeper platforms through a list of Do’s and Don’ts. If you sell products or services through gatekeeper platforms, advertise on them or host apps on their app stores, these new gatekeeper obligations might affect the way big platforms have to do business with […]

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UPDATE: The EU Consultation Process

The European Commission announced how it plans to make the public consultation process shorter, merging two steps into a single “Call for Evidence.” Our newest graphic explains how the new consultation process is expected to function in practice.   View the full graphic of the current arrangements here and head over to our Twitter page for a video […]

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The EU Consultation Process- a brief guide

Since 2015, EU legislation has been subject to a more extensive and structured consultation process, enabling stakeholders to more easily share their views on legislative proposals with the Commission. Input can be provided at various stages of the legislative process and in various formats, while a single web portal – ‘Have Your Say’ – provides […]

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EU Green Claims initiative – what to expect

The European Commission will propose rules requiring companies to substantiate claims about the environmental footprint of their product by using specific quantification methods

Landmark Public Affairs has prepared a short guide to help your business prepare for the new marketing landscape ahead of the legislative proposals in Q2 2021.

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EU Public Affairs Position – Sustainability

Landmark Public Affairs is seeking a highly qualified and talented individual with direct experience of sustainability policy to join our public affairs team in Brussels. Landmark is a dynamic public affairs consultancy with a diverse client portfolio including blue-chip FMCG corporations and trade associations.

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Farm to Fork Strategy- a timeline

The European Commission’s long-awaited Farm to Fork Strategy was released on 20 May. It includes 27 legislative and non-legislative proposals tackling the entire food chain from production to processing, consumption, and waste. Landmark Public Affairs has prepared a handy timeline for what’s to come in the next 10 years.

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