Senior executive training

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During 2020 we provided a senior leadership training programme for a major international company. The objective was to give practical advice and information for the company’s leading executives in EMEA countries so they could build relevant relationships with stakeholders to support the wider company strategy. The programme included raising awareness of the company’s top policy priorities; understanding different stakeholder motivations and positions; developing skills to engage constructively with people who have opposing views; and delivering corporate positions more effectively.

Due to COVID-19 the training took place entirely online. It included an introduction to the value and principles of stakeholder engagement, a module with practical advice for effective engagement, and a set of realistic role play exercises in small groups. The training content and the role play exercises were tailored to the company’s specific policy interests and local stakeholder landscapes.

Company leaders improved significantly their understanding of the importance of stakeholder engagement and gained practical experience with direct and personal feedback. The role play exercises brought to light and addressed common areas for improvement and blind spots, and equipped senior executives with new skills. Business leaders also became more aware of the contribution of the public affairs team to company success.


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