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Uniting Multinational Companies in the Travel Technology Sector to form an industry voice for Asia-Pacific

In 2018, with rapid policy and regulatory changes in Asia Pacific, Multinational Companiess at the intersection of the Travel and Technology Sectors approved Landmark’s suggestion to form an industry voice to ensure that policy and regulations in Asia Pacific continue to promote transparency and competition to facilitate innovation and preserve consumer choice.


During 2018 and 2019, we worked to gather rival companies in the Travel Technology Sector to form an industry association that will serve as an effective vehicle to convey the shared interests of the sector to public, private and civil society stakeholders in Asia-Pacific.


During this time, we successfully set-up, commenced hosting, managing and advising an industry association for the Travel Technology Sector in Asia from a disparate group of practitioners with varying degrees of experience in cooperating with peers. With Landmark’s guidance and management, the industry association conducted the following activities:


  • Successfully registered the entity as an association with the government agency which regulates trade associations.
  • Coordinated and agreed common statements conveying the perspective of the industry as a whole in public consultations with the governments of Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Soft launched the association through representation at a public consultation with the Malaysian Government.
  • Submitted collective policy positions to the Malaysian Government.
  • Consolidated communication toolkits and collateral to support the association’s launch and policy communication priorities.

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