Preparing Irish Exporters for Brexit

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Practical and technical guidance for food & drink manufacturers.

Towards the end of the Article 50 negotiations between the UK and the EU, the prospects of a no-deal Brexit increased dramatically.

An export promotion agency for food and drink in Ireland needed some urgent support in pulling together a No Deal Action Plan for manufacturers exporting to the UK.

We collated up-to-date guidance and the latest insights from relevant government departments such as HMRC and DEFRA and from key government agencies such as the Animal & Plant Health Agency in what was a fast-moving situation.

We compiled info-graphics, flow-charts and easy-to-read advice on some technical trade issues that were new for many smaller manufacturers.

Guidance included key things that they needed to know about and be prepared for such as the temporary tariff regime in the UK, new processes for plants and plant products, fruit and vegetables, and meat products, new requirements for products of animal origin and animal by-products, rules on origin labelling and marketing standards requirements, updates on ports and roads readiness for high-value and time sensitive goods, VAT and Rules of Origin certification requirements.

As a result, not only were the agency and its members were better prepared for a No-Deal outcome from the Brexit talks, but they were in a stronger position also for new customs arrangements introduced under the UK Border Operating Model.





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