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  • Rocco Renaldi

Reflections on turning 10

As Landmark celebrates a decade in public affairs we look back fondly on our beginnings. We knew and had experience of the big-name public affairs and communications agencies. They were – and some of them remain – ‘big-hitters’ with impressive client rosters and proven track records, but we could see the growing space for a more tailor-made, personalised approach to public affairs consultancy. We located a small office within the courtyard of an old chocolate factory in Brussels, scrubbed the floors and painted the walls ourselves, before arming ourselves with a computer and a phone, and in the autumn of 2007 Landmark Europe was born.

Our timing was impeccable. Bear Stearns was about to collapse and Lehman Brothers was soon to follow, plunging the world into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Not on the face of it the most auspicious circumstances for starting a new business! But from trouble springs opportunity. As client budgets began shrinking rapidly, demand for a higher-value-added, no-nonsense yet highly professional service focused entirely on delivering for the client rose accordingly.

This no-nonsense, client-centric approach served us well back then and throughout the past ten years. Slowly but surely we built up our portfolio, based on a growing track record of delivering results for clients and a reputation for an intelligent, tailored, responsive and reliable service. While our reputation was built in the Agro-Food and FMCG sectors, over time we have expanded our practice areas to include Logistics and Transport, Tourism, Financial Services & Technology, the Digital Economy and the Energy and Extractive Industries to name but some. With a growing office in Singapore to complement our European presence, and an established network of trusted partners internationally, we are now able to service our clients across the globe.

As we celebrate these achievements, we remain acutely aware that the business we are in is primarily about people. Spanning continents, we have a remarkable team behind Landmark. They are among the brightest and the best in the industry. Core to Landmark is this diverse and stable team of motivated individuals who know their stuff, know our clients and know each other. Some of our team members that were there on day one are still with us today. The same goes for our clients. And the correlation between the two is not coincidental. That to us is the best measure of success and what gives us the greatest satisfaction.

As we prepare to host a summer party to celebrate these first ten years in business and to thank our people, clients, partners and friends, we are happy to unveil a new brand identity that we feel more accurately reflects who we are and what our organisation is all about. Landmark Europe does much more than European work and Landmark Asia offers not only Asia Regional services but contributes Asian perspective to global strategies. Our accounts and practice areas reflect work and issues that are global, which is why we have decided to unify our identity under Landmark Public Affairs. Our new website will give you a flavour of who we have become and what we will be able to do for you in the years ahead. What will not change is our fundamental approach: we look forward to continuing “Adding Value at Every Step”, growing with our clients, our people and our partners.

Image credit: Clinton Stringer