Author: Thomas Lividini

The need for more inclusive FTAs: Reflections on how to counter the rise of protectionist sentiment in the EU

The election of Donald Trump as President of the USA has dramatically reignited the recurring debate on protectionism vs. free trade. Commercial self-interest has been a natural and essential driver of US trade policy. But the current US administration’s narrative on trade, in sharp contrast to the US approach since World War II, seems to have abandoned any reference to – or acknowledgement of – the positive strategic contribution of free trade to international stability and prosperity.

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Country of Origin Labelling: Anything but a COOL policy

“The Battle of the Grains means freeing Italy from the slavery of foreign bread”. So spoke Benito Mussolini on 30 July 1925, as he illustrated to a delegation of Italian farmers his plans to end Italy’s reliance on foreign wheat imports. 92 years later, history seems to repeat itself, with the Partito Democratico-led government announcing […]

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