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About us
About us

Landmark is an independent international public affairs and strategic communications agency.
We help our clients to engage effectively with decision-makers, stakeholders, opinion formers and the media to achieve strategic business objectives. Landmark unites a diverse, dynamic, motivated team of experienced consultants able to deliver a highly professional service at all times. We work in seamless teams across geographies and time zones, tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our associates come from over 20 countries and speak more than 20 languages.
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What we stand for

Our values

  • 1. Integrity

    Integrity is non-negotiable. We are truthful with our clients, transparent with our interlocutors, true to ourselves.

  • 2. Diversity

    Without diversity there is no perspective. At Landmark we believe that diversity in all its forms is an asset to promote, not only to respect.

  • 3. Creativity

    We value and foster creativity, independence of thought and entrepreneurialism.

  • 4. Responsibility

    We believe in the positive role of our profession in contributing to sound decision-making. We aim for solutions that benefit our clients, but not to the detriment of people or planet.

  • 5. Mutuality

    We seek long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, our people and our partners.

Our expertise

Our commitment

  • Commercial awareness

    Exceptional understanding of our clients, their sectors and competitive environments. This enables us to leverage our political, policy and communications expertise to generate maximum value added for our clients’ business.

  • Depth & knowledge

    We invest in gaining deep issue knowledge. This knowledge, together with our commercial awareness, enables us to formulate powerful strategic advice and make us essential partners to our clients.

  • Entrepreneurialism

    We seek to identify opportunities for our clients proactively, we make the business case for seizing those opportunities and we turn them into sustainable business.

  • Responsiveness & reliability

    Our clients come first. Where we can, we seek to anticipate client needs. Where we cannot anticipate, we are always available and dependable.

  • Stability & loyalty

    We invest in empowered high-performing staff, ensuring an exceptionally committed and loyal workforce for ourselves and stable, motivated teams for our clients.

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The experts

Our team

  • Rocco Renaldi
    Founding Partner and Managing Director
  • Jackie Smith 
  • Richard Andrew
    Managing Director- Asia
  • Thandi Mbali 
    Creative and Marketing Director
  • Diana Angelova
    Account Manager
  • Ariane de Bellefroid
    Account Manager
  • Cristina Freitas da Costa
    Account Director
  • Julien Lafleur
    Account Director
  • Thomas Lividini 
    Account Manager
  • Linh Luong
    Senior Account Executive
  • Nona McElwee 
    Account Manager
  • Jesse Pappers
    Account Executive
  • Julie Paquay
    Account Manager
  • Nina Peacock
    Account Director
  • Nicola Pianu 
    Senior Account Manager
  • Daryl Sim
    Account Executive
  • Ainey Majid
    Finance Manager
  • Sue Dye
    Finance Manager
  • Danny Wang
    Special Adviser
  • Oliver Fall
    Special Adviser
  • Tom Grealy
    Special Adviser
  • Josh Hills
    Special Adviser
  • Keith Ray
    Special Adviser
  • Dr Suvit Teerakulchon
    Special Adviser
  • Philline Donggay
    Special Adviser
  • Gianluca Diana